We help get cars back on the road.

Lack of transportation is a barrier to fundamental needs and services. We are removing this obstacle by helping people get back on the road, which will open pathways to employment, healthcare and other fundamental needs and services.

- Founder & Co-Founder - Road Worthy

Inspiring stories

Stories about people and situations we helped.

Robert no Longer Walks 3 Miles to Work

Robert receives a donated car and no longer has to walk 3 miles one way to work.

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Tiffany's Ford Escape Back on the Road

Tiffany's life changed in an instant when she lost her daughter and began raising her three grandchildren.

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Erin Receives a Car and Says Goodbye to Daily Uber Rides

From Uber to Awesome!

Erin receives a donated vehicle from Road Worthy.

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Tie Rod End Replaced on Betsy's Car

Betsy is Back on the Road with a New Tie Rod End.

Road Worthy helped with Betsy's tie rod end replacement cost.

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Michelle gets her tire fixed

We helped veteran, Michelle, get her suspension fixed after hitting a curb.

We helped veteran, Michelle, get her suspension fixed after hitting a curb.

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The story of Dan

How Road Worthy helped dan get a car.

We helped Dan by loaning him a car so that he can have reliable transportation for his medical treatments.

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Carlton Gets a Van

Road Worthy buys Carlton a van.

Road Worthy purchased Carlton a van with the help of Neighbors Who Care, so he could get back to work and care for his kids.

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Janet gets a car

Road Worthy gets Janet a new car

Janet was put in a tough place when her car broke down two days before she was supposed to start a new job. This is her story.

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Sarah's Chevy Cruze

In partnership with Neighbors Who Care, Road Worthy helped get Sarah a 2014 Chevy Cruze

Neighbors Who Care and Road Worthy helped Sarah by getting her a 2014 Chevy Cruze for her and her son Nico

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