Road Worthy USA | Non-profit helping individuals and families get back on the road

Mike and Amy Lee Sewell founded Road Worthy in 2021 with one goal in mind. To help those struggling with reliable transportation to get back on the road. They knew, without a car everything is more difficult. Going to the grocery store, taking kids to school or activities, attending church not to mention getting to work can be impossible. Mike’s side business that he had owned and operated for13 years, StepNpull, had exploded during the pandemic allowing him to quit his corporate job of 29 years at Verizon and focus on other entrepreneurial ventures. Mike worked as a mechanic right after high school and knew how to fix just about any vehicle, fueling his passion and love for cars. Amy Lee has enjoyed a long career in human resources and recruiting with a passion to help people find meaningful work and a fulfilling career.  

Mike and Amy Lee knew they were blessed to be a blessing and wanted to give back to the community. Since Mike possessed a lifelong passion for all things mechanical, when the idea came up of a non-profit helping those that couldn’t afford car repairs, he was all in. As a single mom with three young children for six years, Amy Lee had been in that situation of needing a car repair and not having the funds to fix it so she knew firsthand the anxiety and stress that came along with not being able to afford a car repair or having reliable transportation. Therefore, Road Worthy was established as an avenue to get people back on the road to better their lives, provide for their families and on the path to living their best life!

- Founder & Co-Founder - Road Worthy


    Car maintenance is expensive, and costs continue to rise. Fixing cars to get people back on the road is our #1 priority.


    We help remove barriers so that people can have reliable transportation to work, school, childcare, friends, & family.


    Every time we Road Worthy puts a car back on the road it truly changes lives.