Fixing Cars, Removing Barriers, Changing Lives

Road Worthy

Our Kansas City based non-profit organization helps people in need fix their cars for a more fulfilling and accessible lifestyle.

Our Mission

Back on the road

Fixing Cars

From simple maintenance like oil changes, to bigger fixes we help cars get back on the road so people can live their lives.

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Removing Barriers

Every time we get a car back on the road we open a world of opportunities

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At Road Worthy we are...

Changing Lives

Every time we get someone back on the road by fixing their car, or even buying them a car... we create endless opportunites for work and life.

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Donations start from only $3 USD. One-time donations support various Road Worthy projects across the state of Missouri. Safe & secure payment processing.

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Donate on a recurring basis to Road Worthy. Monthly contributions start at just $3 USD. Cancel anytime. Safe & secure payment processing.

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Fixing cars to remove barriers and change lives.

At Road Worthy we believe that a reliable and running car is an essential tool for families and individuals that have fallen on hard times financially.

If you don't have a reliable car to get to work, how can you earn a living wage to support your family? If you're sick and cannot afford an ambulance bill, how can you expect to get the care you need? If you don't have a car that you can trust, how can you maintain a healthy a healthy relationship with your family? These are real live struggles that people in our communities face everyday. Learn more about the everyday stories of the people we help.

Our mission

Support our mission of fixing cars, removing barriers, and changing lives.

Our goals

Our goal is to get as many people back on the road to maximize opportunity in our Kansas City communities.

Erin Receives a Car and Says Goodbye to Daily Uber Rides

Erin receives a donated vehicle from Road Worthy.

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Betsy's Front Suspension is Repaired

Road Worthy helped with Betsy's tie rod end replacement cost.

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The faces of the people we help

These are the real life stories of the people, families, and organizations that we help.

Every car that we put back on the road helps blossom opportunity, connections, and self esteem. We are commited to fixing cars, removing barriers, and changing lives

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  • Fix Cars

    Car maintenance is expensive, and costs continue to rise. Fixing cars to get people back on the road is our #1 priority.

  • Remove Barriers

    We help remove barriers so that people can have reliable transportation to work, school, childcare, friends, & family.

  • Change Lives

    Every time we Road Worthy puts a car back on the road it truly changes lives.

Fixing Cars

Removing Barriers. Changing Lives.

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What can you do to help?

There's a lot of ways you can help support the Road Worthy mission.

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Donate on a one-time or monthly basis to help get cars, individuals, and families back on the road.

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Share our mission with your co-workers, family, or friends to help support Road Worthy goals.

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Become a referring partner, shop, towing company, or volunteer your skills and resources to fix cars

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